Message from the President

Dear Fellow FASIS Members and Board of Directors:

On behalf of the Fire Agencies Self Insurance System (FASIS) it is an honor to share this 2021 Annual Report with you. For over three decades, FASIS has grown to be one of the largest risk-sharing pools in California and continues to serve as an alternative to other coverage options.

As we celebrate another year of completion, the Board of Directors and staff remain dedicated to focusing on the commitment to continue providing comprehensive coverage and excellent services.

FASIS has experienced many changes that have affected operations for both the Board and members over this past fiscal year, including virtual Board of Director meetings. I would like to express a personal appreciation to the Board, staff, and our service providers for their flexibility in attending virtual meetings; a step-away from the historical process of meeting in-person. We continue to seek enhanced means to conduct future meetings, keeping in mind any restrictions that may be implemented at any given time.

We look forward to the continued growth of the program and as we forge ahead, it is essential we reflect upon some of the highlights and successes over the past year:

• Continued to evaluate the feasibility of the consolidation of FASIS and the FDAC EBA in to a single Joint Powers Authority.
• Continued to evaluate the feasibility and implementation of a Property and Casualty program.
• Expanded the pre-placement and fit-for-duty examination program and other related services with the addition of two industry specialists – Pinnacle Training Systems and 1582.
• Continued focus upon timely member communication related to COVID-19 via implementation of a bulletin communication service.
• Continued strong financial position through the observance of the Board-approved Financial Stability Plan and 80% confidence level funding.

Further, we are looking forward to the new opportunities that await us in the coming year. Great appreciation is extended to my fellow Board Members and Officers for their valuable collaboration, support, commitment and dedication; staff for their support; and to each individual Member District for continuing to ensure FASIS remains a preeminent fire district risk-sharing program.

Yours Truly,
Chief Howard Wood
FASIS President