Message from the President

My Fellow Firefighters:

It is my great honor to continue to serve as your FASIS President. Along with the Board of Directors, my duties include assistance and guidance on the present and future endeavors of this organization comprised of many fire and community services districts throughout the State of California. The FASIS Board of Directors is a visionary group whose primary focus is to provide the FASIS members with comprehensive workers’ compensation coverage and services at a reasonable cost. Your Board works hard to ensure the stability and viability of our organization. We have strength in the districts that belong to FASIS and collectively, the FASIS members are located within 44 of the 58 counties in California.

In 2013, the FASIS Board of Directors approved its mission statement and values as follows:

The purpose of the Fire Agencies Self Insurance System is to provide cost-effective and value-added services that will enable members to protect the communities they serve.

The Fire Agencies Self Insurance System strives to:

• Administer the program with the highest degree of integrity and fairness for our members;
• Effectively reduce and control losses;
• Provide risk and loss management services and programs; and
• More importantly, extend excellent coverage and value-added services to members.

The FASIS Board of Directors continues to work to determine the focus and direction in which to grow our organization. With the continual change in workers’ compensation structure and laws, our priority remains to ensure sufficient and reasonable coverage for the FASIS members, and protection for our colleagues in their working environment.

This website has been developed as a tool to provide you with resources for risk control, and guidance on reporting injuries to your workers in an accurate and timely manner. The site also provides you with the opportunity to file claims electronically. An array of program documents and resources are available to our members through the Members Only section. Please take this opportunity to navigate and access the many features of this site. As always, we welcome your feedback for ways we can continue to make improvements to the site.

Yours truly,

Glen E. Weeks
FASIS President