Service Providers


Self-Insurance Program Administration

FASIS contracts with Sedgwick to handle the day-to-day operations of the JPA.

  • 916-244-1141
  • Jennifer Jobe, Director Pool Management

Athens Administrators

Third Party Claims Administrator

Sunny White

  • Fax - 925-887-6870
  • Email:

Alliston Law Office

Board Counsel

Doug Alliston

  • 916-860-1357
  • Email: doug@alliston.Law


Employment Hot Line

Access to an attorney for general questions regarding employment and workers' compensation matters.


Employee Assistance Program

Managed Health Network Services provides confidential services for member employees and their families.

  • 800-322-9707


Local Agency Workers' Compensation Excess Joint Powers Authority

Formed in 1992, membership is comprised of 23 municipalities, 10 JPAs, and 1 special district (400 members).

  • 800-541-4591
  • Jim Elledge, Executive Director, ext. 19124

Pinnacle Training Systems

Pinnacle tailors optimal health and wellness programs for agencies, businesses and public entities.

  • 559-977-1739
  • Felicia Gomez, Ph.D.

1582 Exam

1582 specializes in conducting onsite NFPA compliant medical exams.

  • 775-846-3413
  • Paul Granstrom, President


Fit for Duty or Pre-Placement Examinations

Cristal Granse

  • 559-435-2800
  • Fax - 559-435-2800